Yellow Belly One of the Best Inland Table Quality Fish

Golden Perch – Yellow Belly.

The Golden Perch or Yellow Belly is sometimes know as Murray perch in South Australia and some parts of Victoria, these perch are very individualistic by their colouration, colours can vary from place to place and sometimes even within the same water whole. You can identify the yellow belly by its outward curving tail, scoped Forehead and large mouth. Its colours can consist of a dark copper or bronze, through to a yellow/white. The golden perch’s belly will usually be a creamy yellow with white or yellowish-red fins.

The size of the golden perch are usually 0.2kg-3kg but can grow up to a whopping 23kg in weight, but anything over 6kg is worth bragging about. The golden perch or yellow belly is an inland fish that can be found in four states and both territories, it is home to the Murray darling system, the Dawson Fitzroy drainage of central Queensland, Lake Eyre, coopers creek and are sometimes found in coastal rivers in northern New South Wales or Queensland. Golden Perch can withstand water temps of 4*c and up to 38*c for short periods of time but prefer a moderate temperature of 23*c to spawn, they also prefer slow flowing water with snags or rock cover. They have successfully been introduced into man dams from cairns to Perth.

The golden perch has been known to feed on their own lavea but more commonly feeding on small fish, frogs, insects, yabbies and crabs throughout inland rivers, dams, lakes and ponds. It has been heard of that due to flooding waters that the golden perch can travel up to thousand of kilometre throughout their lives. They are a very opportunistic fish with smaller golden’s feeding in large groups were as larger fish tend to frequent packs of a dozen.

Yellow belly can be caught with such baits as earth worms, grubs, yabbies, shrimp or small live fish, they will also take a moving lure such as spinners, deep divers, soft plastics and even a fly from time to time.

They are considered one of the best table quality fish of all the inland fish though fish less than 2Kg are superior in flavour and fish caught in colder water rather than hot water tend to have a more rich flavours as well.

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