Weekend Fishing - Weather - Tide Report 17th of may 2019


This weekend in Brisbane it looks like it is going to bed a weekend, 60 % chance of 1-5mm rain all weekend with a top temperature of 24*c, dropping down it 15*c over night. Winds will be topping 22.4Km/h SSE on the Friday. Water temp still around 25*c, I would say the best time to get out fishing will be Saturday if you are willing to brave the rain, Full moon will be rising at 4:50pm sunset at 5:00pm and a low tide at 3:15pm, all of these factors will keep the fish very active for a few hours Saturday night.



This weekend in Tweed it is looking a lot like Brisbane, Best time again to go fishing will be Saturday afternoon because of the full moon, low tide around lunch time and high tide at 8:20pm at the night. Water temp at 24*c, 65% chance of 1-5mm rain all weekend so don’t forget to take the brollies.



Sydney is looking like a much better weekend for fishing, a high of 23*c dropping down to 13*c over night, only a 10% chance of 0-1mm rain and water temps at 21.4*c. Either day you will have good fishing in the mornings or afternoons but Saturday afternoon will most likely be the best time to go as the full moon rises.



Melbourne is going to be a cold one this weekend with a high of only 21*c on the Sunday and dropping down to 7*c over night. 0% chance of rain with possible showers on the Sunday, winds are moderate only picking up on Sunday with max wind gusts of 20Km/h. Water temp has dropped to 17.2C, high tide will be in the afternoon around 2:30pm so this will be your best chance of going fishing around the moon rise/sunset and tide change.



Cairns is looking to be a wet one all weekend with a 90% chance of rain, Saturday and Sunday expected to have 5-10mm of rain. So it might be a good weekend to clean out the tackle box or practice those knots. If you do want to brave the rain Friday morning or evening will be your best chance I believe and if you can find a sheltered spot you might even stay dry.






Hobart will have a 0% chance of rain with only possible showers on the Saturday, low winds only reaching 11.5Km/h WNW, Water temp sitting at 15*c. high tide in the morning around 8:00am with low tide about lunch time. Either early morning or late afternoon/night will be the best chances for a good fish Saturday or Sunday.



Perth this weekend is looking to be another stunner weekend, max wind gust of 23.5Km/h N and 0% chance of rain all weekend, possible late shower Sunday afternoon, Full  moon will be rising at 5:15pm with the sun setting at 5:30pm. This will be your best chance of fishing I believe, Low tide will be at 8:30pm at night. Water temp sitting at 20.6*c

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