The Lure Fly and Outdoor Show 2019 wrap up.

This year the lure, fly and outdoor expo was held at the Beenleigh show grounds on the first weekend of June 2019; this was my first year experiencing the excitement, innovation and the joy that the fishing community has brought to life during the show. If you were unable to attend this year I would defiantly pencil it in for next year and is not something that you want to miss. From Boats to lures, fly knots to soft plastics, poppers to the latest fishing attire, this show has everything you need to get prepared for your next season of fishing. I was truly blown away with the artistry and craftsmanship of the fellow store holders, from hand crafted hard body lures, poppers, swim baits and much more, the amount of work being put into a lure that can be gobbled up by a monster fish is just incredible.

I unfortunately did not get a chance to meet everyone there but to those who I did meet thank you for welcoming me to the community. Some of the stall I was able to check out is –

 The boys at Trickys Lures had some amazing soft plastic and spinner baits and are a great bunch of blokes, their spinner baits were one of a kind and the movement in the water I believe would be irresistible to fish.

Gobsmacked lures took home the best ornamental lure award with his double headed dragon, this thing in incredible so do yourself a favour and check out the photos on his page, he truly had some amazing timber crafted hard body lures.

Hillies Spinners and Lures had some amazing innovation that I could not get my head around, somehow they have found use for old bullets and bottle caps turning them into a spinner bait that actually catch fish (you must check them out).

Fishing Soft Plastics Australia has some truly amazing coloured soft plastics and I particularly like the pink yabbies colour, They were educating me that the fish have a photogenic memory and this colour will jolt that memory trigging the fish to attack remember the colour as food.

 Max and Max from Strong’s lure truly know there stuff and for a 71 year old bloke he still works harder than anyone that I know.

 Bommie Knocka make some yew beaut surface lures and poppers, the design that they have come up with are incredible and unlike anything you can buy in stores.

  And lastly Courey and Conner or (Yetti) are some top blokes with the FILF clothing brand, if you haven’t heard about FILF clothing I would go check there stuff out as it is some sick clothing for fishing.

 I Know I have probably missed some people and sorry to those who I didn’t get time to meet, will defiantly make some time next year to get to know a lot more people as it is a great community and I had a blast over the weekend. Thank you to everyone that came and saw me and purchased some of my soft plastics off me, remember when you catch those beaut fish don’t forget to send in your photo to be featured on my page.

If you love fishing I would defiantly go give the mention people a follow you will not be disappointed, check out their stores and if you like their stuff which I know you most likely will, give them some support, these product are unlike anything you’re going to find in your local fishing shop and because of that I believe they will be magnets for the fish and you will have a hard time eating all the fish that you are going to be catching.

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