Tailor, Tailer or Bluefish Fishing

Tailor or Tailer - Pomatomus saltatrix

Tailor is a vicious predatory fish with sharp small teeth, elongated body and forked tail. The colouration of tailor is green, greenish-blue or silver- white that have blacker coloured backs.

As the title stats “Tailor” or “Tailer” is called by several different names. Some such names are; Chopper (small Tailor), bluefish, skipjack or skippies, and are even know to be called elf in Africa.

Tailor can be hunted and fished for in sub tropical waters and are regularly found on the eastern beaches of Australia, but most commonly caught between Eden and Fraser Island. Tailor are not always found on beaches and sometimes located in almost fresh water reaches of estuaries, through harbour inlet, bays and shallow reefs. Juvenile tailor (or chopper) are commonly caught in tidal estuaries were larger Tailer tend to frequent rock shelfs, headland and beaches in white wash.

Tailer are vicious predators and hunt in packs or schools, regularly found feeding on their own species. Tailor’s appetite ranges from small baitfish such as whitebait, Pilchards, Anchovies, herring, garfish and are never satisfied. They are known for regurgitating their stomachs to make room for more food. Tailor use their sharp teeth to cripple their pray by slashing the tails before returning to finalise their kill. Due to their feeding habits Gang hooks with whole pilchards and a slow retrieval is a widely used fishing technique to target this specie. Other fishing techniques are; Metal Lure (slug), Minnow Lure, soft plastics, or bobby Float set up.

Tailor are an exceptional fish smoked and if bled right away are quite delicious in flavour, though be careful as there soft flaky skin will bruises easily and does not fair nicely with being frozen. The leftover also make for exceptional cut bait.

Record; 7.845kg Tailor was caught in a NSW estuary, the St George basin in 2017 as was a 4.89kg in late 2011. Larger ones have been heard of topping 10 to 11kg mark although no record can be found, with the united state species have been caught up to 18kg in size.







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