Queens Fish or Queeny - When there is fast running water in the tropical you can bet there will be a queen

Queen Fish


The Northern Territory knows this fish by skinny or skinny fish but the more common names are queeny or queen fish. They are closely related to another species of fish called whitefish or leather skin. Here in Australia we are home to a couple of species, they are C.Lysana and C.tala, The C.tala are smaller in size and are quiet good bait to use when chasing ga as marlin.

The C.Lysana queen’s fish is the more sort after fish out of the species here in Australia, it is a tropical fish living in saltwater estuaries, and they are a lateral fish with a long but thing shaped body. The queen fish are usually dark in colour on top fading down to a silver or white belly with several blotches marked along it flanks. These tropical fish tend to frequent shark bay in Western Australia and the Southern parts of Queensland, sometimes being found as far as the tropics of Capricorn.

Queen fish frequent mangrove estuaries, inshore bays, harbours, islands, shallow reefs and upper tidal reaches of tropical rivers. Sand spits, rock bars, wharves and river mouths with fast running water are likely places for the fish to be feeding as they prefer green-brown (discoloured) waters with sandy or mud bottoms, and fast moving currents. Their diets consist of small fish, prawns or squid. When Fishing for Queenies live bait or whole anchovies or pilchards can be used, Bait strips with gang hooks will also seem very appetizing to the queens fish. When fishing with lures a fast retrieval motion is necessary to ex cited and grab the queen’s fish’s attention, casting or trolling lures such as chrome spinners, poppers and minnows all work well. Light gear is advised with heavy trace as their sharp jaws can break through light nylon trace.

Queen fish are usually caught around the 1-10kg mark but it is heard of some giants weighing up to 15Kg. They are considered a nice table quality fish with excellent flavour although its white meat can sometimes be considered dry.

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