Moses Perch a Table Quality Fish

Moses Perch


The mosses Perch is a very aggressive fish for its size, growing to a size of 50cm but most readily caught around the 25cm mark. They are quite often confused with the finger mark but are easily distinguished by its reddish or pinkish hue, where the Finger mark has golden spot’s within their scales.  They have a very large mouth and as stated before use this to eat bait that are meant for much bigger fish, they have canine like teeth and 14 to 15 rays in the dorsal fin along with a thumb mark (finger mark) on their lateral line near the tail.

The Moses Perch can be found throughout the Northern tropical waters of Australia, they will often form school of similar sized fish when feeding. The environments in which they feed are dependent on the size of the fish, Smaller Perch will hang around coral and the likes but it is not uncommon to find them at bridge pylons in estuaries either. Drop-offs around reefs in 80 m+ of water can be home to some of the larger species.

The Moses Perch feed on such pray as small live bait fish, squid, octopus, and prawns. When fishing for the perch live bait or bait strips can be used as they are an aggressive fish and will take bait that is larger in size, they are also frequently taken on minnows, lures, feathers jigs, and surface poppers. A light set up can be used when chasing Moses Perch, some of the best set ups are; Running sicker on hook, Running Sinker to swivels to 1m of light trace or a paternoster rig when fishing in deeper water. Light sinkers should be used to keep the bait just off the bottom as these fish will rise up and chase the bait. Moses Perch are considered to be a good table quality fish.


Record for the largest fish caught was 2.55KG at Macksville Scots Heads on the 05/02/1989.

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