Fish - Trevally, Giant, GT

Trevally, Giant – Caranx Ignobilis


The  Trevally has a small family of fish and can be found all over Australia, The Giant Trevally and Golden Trevally can be found in the top half of Australia where the Silver Trevally is fished for in the lower half. Today we are going to be talking about the Giant Trevally one of the most robust and largest Trevelly out of the family.

The Giant Trevally can be known as GT, Black Trevally, Barrier Trevally, Bumper, Blurter and Trevor but used to be called Turrum, Lowly or the great Trevally.

The Giant Trevally can be located in the Pacific and Indian oceans and have sometimes be found as far south as Perth or Sydney. Smaller Trevally usually form school and can be found in mangrove lined estuaries, rivers and bays. As they grow they tend to form smaller schools and the largest one tend to be a lone quite frequently. Larger Trevally can live in lower estuary reaches, inshore reefs and coral drops offs; the largest out of the species tend to frequent continental shelf edges or deep channels between large reefs.

Their Colouration can vary from an almost black, purple grey black or blue green colour with a silver white belly. Trevallies tend to have heavy jaws, a steep forehead and sharp scales on the tail. They can range from sizes as small as 1 Kg to easily exceeding a weight of 70kg or 1.8m in length. They eat small and medium size fish usually around snags, ledges, wharf dwellings and drop off’s. Their diet consisting of Crabs, Squid, Octopus, prawns, and bait fish.

Giant Trevally is widely hunted and considered a great sportfish as they fight with raw power and produce much excitement for the fisherman, you can target these species with bait such as live bait, dead bait or flesh cut bait. Such lures as; minnows, poppers, metal slugs, spoons or spinners are most commonly used around reef edges, drops off or tidal flats, sometimes even casted into a “bust up” when the fisherman spots a school of GT feeding. You can use a variety of tackle though keep in mind these specimens fight hard so 15kg + game Rig can be used. The Giant Trevally is known by a lot of people to be terrible eating though they are a great underrated fish and are suited well for sauced dishes like curries.

Records: In 2014 off of Cairns an 11 year old angler pulled in a whopping 14.8kg GT setting a national record for 11 yr and under. 33Kg GT was caught at 9 Mile reef Northern NSW in 2003 and with the Australian recorded sitting at a whopping 52.5kg Speared at shark bay in 2010.





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